About Us

Our Mission

HAE Australasia is a not-for-profit patient advocacy organisation dedicated to serving persons with hereditary angioedema, in Australia and New Zealand. Our goals are highlighted in our name HAE, hope, advocacy and education. The movement focuses on increasing HAE awareness and education, diagnosis, improving patient access to therapy and fostering research. The hereditary angioedema community is small and spread across two large countries. Many of us live in isolated areas where medical facilities are limited. We wish to build a community of support for patients with HAE.

Meet the Team

Fiona Wardman

Fiona WardmanFiona is the President of HAE Australasia and lives in Sydney. Fiona's diagnosis came in her 30's after years of unexplained swellings from the age of 9 which progressively worsened as she got older. No one else in Fiona's family has HAE. Fiona is proud to be part of an organisation that is making a difference to patients with HAE in Australia and New Zealand.


Anne Wilkinson 

Anne WilkinsonAnne is the Vice-President of HAE Australasia. She is married and has four adult children and lives in Melbourne. Anne has worked as a pharmacist for thirty years. Anne was not diagnosed as having hereditary angioedema until her late forties. Her diagnosis led to a diagnosis of family members.


Louise Ridout

Louise RidoutLouise is the Treasurer of HAE Australasia. She lives in Melbourne and works as an accountant in public practice. Louise was diagnosed with HAE when she was a baby as HAE was known in her family. She is passionate about raising awareness of HAE and keen to see better treatment options available for patients.


Amanda Tionisio

Amanda TionisioAmanda is the secretary for HAE Australasia. She lives in Western Australia with her husband and 4 young children. Amanda has been the office manager of a company for 14 years. Amanda has a long family history of HAE and is particularly passionate about assisting children with HAE as she has two daughters with this disorder.


Olivia Worthington

Olivia WillardOlivia is a Director of HAE Australasia. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Olivia represents the interests of our New Zealand patients. She is passionate about New Zealand patients receiving and having access to the same treatment and care as patients in Australia. In her day job, Olivia has worked in marketing for 10 years.


Professor Connie Katelaris 

Dr Katelaris is the Medical Advisor to HAE Australasia. She is Professor, Immunology & Allergy, University of Western Sydney, Head of Department and Senior Staff Specialist at Campbelltown Hospital She is convenor of the Graduate Certificate in Allergic Diseases, the first postgraduate course in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Western Sydney. She is currently President, Asian Pacific Association of Allergology, Asthma and Clinical Immunology is a board member of the Asthma Foundation NSW. She is a past president of the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy.